August News

On July 16th, the Bridge Club of Atlanta opened its doors for Ina Parry's Play Bridge Duplicate game. During that first week, we had 125 tables in play. Open 1 week and we had more tables in play than any other club in Atlanta.

Our current schedule is:

Monday through Saturday  12:00 noon.
Sunday and Wednesday nights at 6:00 pm.

Our wooden tables will be arriving the next week. Come check us out.

Samuel Marks
Bridge Club of Atlanta
August Schedule
There are lots of special games in August. This month will be your final chance to qualify for the North American Pairs. Earn triple points, half red/half black at all NAP games.

We have several upgraded games available as well. There will be Unit Championship games on August 8th, 10th and 11th. In addition we will have a Club Championship on Sunday, August 12.

Finally we have a very special week in store from August 20th to 26th. All games are part of District 7's Sectional Tournament in Clubs. In addition to triple points, all points awarded will be silver. If you have a big game you can even earn extra points by placing in the overalls on the district level.

Player News
Congratulations to Susan Simpson who just made Life Master on the first day of the Chattanooga Regional.
Big Games
Irma Margolis and Nola Miller had the first 70+% game at the BCA,

Their 70.85 % game on Tuesday July 24 won easily.
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