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Sam Marks



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4920 Roswell Road

Atlanta, GA 30342


(770) 354-6033 



To register for classes please send a check by July 10 to:

Sam Marks
2341 Briarleigh Way
Atlanta, GA 30338

Bridge Club of Atlanta

The game schedule for July is finished and can be downloaded at
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Almost every game is extra points. There are triple point NAP qualifiers and double point charity games. Get in on the fun and start winning materpoints.
Ina Parry is running a newcomers game for 0-50 on Thursdays at noon. Its a great game if you have never played duplicate.
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The Bridge Club of Atlanta


I am please to announce the opening of the new Bridge Club of Atlanta on July 16th. Our first game will be Ina Parry's Play Bridge at noon. A full schedule of games, both limited and open will continue through the month.


You can find more information and directions at



Thinking Bridge 3

Every week we will bid and play 6 hands. Every hand will have interesting bidding, play and defense issues. After play we will review the hands. This class will focus on what it means to think like an expert bridge player. Learn how to make a plan as both declarer and defender. This class will improve your game. For intermediate/advanced players.

6 sessions - $100 in advance, $125 at the door

Single Sessions $25

9:30 am to 11:30 am  July 17th through August 21st
2/1 Game Force

Learn the bidding system the experts use. The ability to establish game forces early leads to better slam exploration. Learn how to use 1NT Forcing to get to better part-scores. We will also introduce important conventions like New Minor Foricng and Fouth Suit Forcing. 

6 sessions - $100 in advance, $125 at the door

Single Sessions $25

9:30 am to 11:30 am July 19th through August 23rd
Bridge Tip - Opening Leads vs. NT
In general we like to lead fourth from our longest and strongest, particularly when we have a five-card or longer suit. Try and avoid leading a suit in which the opponents have shown four or more cards. With very strong holdings lead top of a three-card sequence or top of a broken or interior sequence. In the following holdings, I have bolded the correct card to lead:
  • KQ10xx
  • QJ9xx
  • J108xx
  • AJ10xx
  • KJ10xx
  • Q109xx


With KQ109x, many partnerships like to lead the Queen as a special card to ask partner to play the Jack if they have it.
You can make up a missed class at any other class taught that quarter or send a friend in your place. If at the first class you discover it is not right for you, you may transfer to an appropriate class or get a full refund. For more information contact Sam at 770-354-6033 or email  sam@sammarksbridge.com